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Types of Tea


  • White tea(白茶)
  • Green tea(綠茶)
  • Yellow tea(黃茶)
  • Oolong tea(烏龍茶,literally black dragon tea, or 青茶,literally blue-green tea)
  • Black tea(紅茶,literally red tea)
  • (Post-)Fermented tea / Dark tea (黑茶,literally black tea)

White Tea#

White tea is the least processed. It is wilted and unoxidized. Its name derives from the white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, which give the plant a whitish appearance. Please note that not all white teas have that type of appearance and that brewed white tea is usually a pale yellow.

Green Tea#

It is unwilted and unoxidized.

Yellow Tea#

Yellow tea is similar to green tea but with an added step of encasing and steaming the tea, that also gives the leaves a slightly yellow coloring during the drying process. It is unwilted and unoxidized but allowed to yellow. It's the rarest and most expensive type of tea.

Oolong Tea#

It is wilted, bruised, and partially oxidized.

Black Tea#

It is wilted, sometimes crushed, and fully oxidized.

Dark Tea#

It is green tea that has been allowed to ferment/compost.

Last update: January 29, 2021
Authors: Marvin Elsen