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This list is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, associated with, or in any other way officially connected with, maintained, authorized or sponsored by any other product, service, brand, company or person. All product, service, brand and company names as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are the registered trademarks of their original owners. The use of any trade name or trademark is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder of their product brand.

This is a list of software I use.



Type Name
Operating system elementary OS, Arch Linux, Windows 10, Android
Desktop environment none
Window manager Openbox, i3-gaps
Compositor picom
Notification daemon dunst
File manager PCManFM
File synchronization Syncthing
Search utility fsearch
Application launcher rofi
Panel tint2, polybar
Dock Plank
Hypervisor VirtualBox
Gesture recognition Easystroke


Type Name
Terminal emulator rxvt-unicode
Shell fish
Text editor vim
File manager ranger, Midnight Commander
File archiver 7-Zip
System information Neofetch
Terminal multiplexer tmux
Process viewer htop
System monitor Glances
Backup rsync
Package management Flatpak


Type Name
Office suite LibreOffice
Document viewer zathura
Personal accounting Ledger (CLI), HomeBank
Wiki vimwiki, Zim
Document converter pandoc (CLI)
Document scanner gscan2pdf
Time tracking Timewarrior (CLI)
Mind map Freeplane


Type Name
Web browser Vivaldi, qutebrowser
Email client Thunderbird
FTP/SFTP client FileZilla
IRC client HexChat
VoIP TeamSpeak, Discord
Instant messaging WhatsApp, LINE, Threema, Pidgin
YouTube downloader youtube-dl (CLI)


Type Name
Video player mpv
Music player Spotify, cmus (CLI)
Image viewer feh (CLI), gThumb
Screenshots Flameshot (Linux), Greenshot (Windows)
Screen recorder SimpleScreenRecorder
Audio editor Audacity
Video editor Shotcut
Image editor GIMP
Vector graphics editor Inkscape
Digital painting Krita
3D creation suite Blender
Converter ffmpeg (CLI)
CD ripper Asunder
Image optimization jpegoptim (CLI), OptiPNG (CLI)
Audio visualizer CAVA (CLI)

Software Development#

Type Name
Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA
Python IDE PyCharm
Version control system Git
Build automation Apache Maven
Code review Gerrit
Project management OpenProject
Game engine Godot
Color scheme Dracula, gruvbox
Font Hack, JetBrains Mono
Bitmap font scientifica


Type Name
Flashcards Anki
Chinese dictionary Pleco (Android)
Stylus notetaking Xournal++
LaTeX editor TeXstudio
Bibliography manager JabRef


Type Name
Password manager KeePassXC
Firewall iptables
Network discovery nmap
Packet analyzer Wireshark
Wifi cracker Aircrack-ng
Password cracker John the Ripper, hashcat


Type Name
Digital distribution Steam
Second Life viewer Alchemy, Black Dragon


Type Name
Engine Quakespasm
Level editor Trenchbroom
Map compile tools ericw-tools


Type Name
Server Paper
Hack client Future
Texture pack Bare Bones
Shader pack Simplicissimus
Optimization mod OptiFine

Software Backlog#

This is software I currently do not use, but find interesting and want to check out in the future.

Type Name
Household management grocy

Last update: 2020-10-06